Today we’re on another episode of our Friday Feature where we talk with astounding entrepreneurs and their success stories.

In today’s episode we’re speaking to Tara Newman.

Tara Newman is a high performance coach on a mission to help business owners generate significant revenue so they can pay themselves well, profit wisely and create real, tangible wealth for themselves.

She has coached high-performing women and men for over 20 years, from New York Times bestsellers and TEDx speakers to tech executives and multi-millionaire CEOs.

As the creator of the science-driven CEO Debrief, the SLOW method, BOLDEST offer and the EMS framework for emotional resiliency in entrepreneurship, she infuses everything she does with the systems of success and the science of human performance.

Let’s speak to Tara and find out how she changed her life by changing her mindset.

Let’s find out!

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